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<3 (:

heyy guys(:

about me:

imma girl, yay! (but being a boy is cool too, to all those boys out there :P)

im 15 years young(;, 5 feet and 3ish inches tall, weigh 100 pounds... gahh this is boring!


i lovee: gymnastics[its pretty much my life], singing, dancing, science, art!, hugs<3, deep conversations, pickles(:, my phonee, butterflies, flowers, unique things, and my friends would have to add in; flirting(;

lol(: umm you can probably tell, im on the weird side.. but i really dont caree(: i lovee it! :P

ohh, and i lovee clothes so much! ahaha

soo i dont really know what else to put in this description thinger... i probably just wasted some precious moment in your life. so im donee! ehhh O.e whateverr(:

chat me up some time. i like to talk(:

loveeee, megalou<3

{hehe my real life bestie lauren a.k.a laurenmoo calls me that}