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Hey guys its me Trance. I am defently the most epicess person you will ever meet! Even though I stay still as a rock on my DSi most of the day...But what I meen is that I have EPIC creativety and imagination, with a brain like this the fun NEVER ends E.P.I.C. ^^

Autum is the perfect time of the year to make flipnotes, try get a haloween flipnote ready or something =) Right... I LOVE TECHNO, I LOVE TRANCE, I LOVE JUMPSTYLE, I LOVE HARDCORE, I LOVE TECKTONIK, I LOVE ROBLOX, I LOVE DJ MANGOO, I LOVE DJ SPLASH, I LOVE DJ CAMMY, I LOVE CHEESE, I LOVE SALT, I LOVE COMPUTER GAMES, I LOVE PIKMIN, I LOVE PIKMIN 2, I LOVE CONKER LIVE & RELOADED, I LOVE HALO, I LOVE HALO 2, I LOVE HALO 3, I LOVE HALO 4, I LOVE KIRBY, I LOVE CATS, I LOVE DOGS, I LOVE MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE-CREAM. Those are just some of the things I love! Ummm im not that much of a horror movie fan anymore cause now everynight I wake up and my mind plays VERY REALISTIC tricks on me, I see things, I hear things. Its awfull! Anyway ummmm if you play ROBLOX add me! NAME: milkygalaxy LMAO LOL WTF ROFL ummm IDK what ROFL means 8L Roll On Floor Laughing? Ummmm...Do you like Kirby, I watch it on

Kirby TV Channel. Some of the episodes are a bit sad especialy...Kirbys Pet Peeve DX Poor little doggy WAAAAAAAA!!! Ummm okay??? I have a weak heart when it comes to sad films. Ummm so yeahhh I LOVE TECHNO TRANCE. Bye Please Add Me!!! I wont be on that much, sorry...GOODBYE.