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Hey im Jordan and i love Hatena! Im not a good drawer but im good at ideas!!! (just ask) Im a Christian and I have accepted Jesus into my life! Also plz read this if pple ever dasapear!!!(Hey im in heaven now so i cant do hatena anymore cause im too buisy enjoying heaven! Pple did not get takin by aliens or other Stupid idead Jesus took us and if u dont accept him u Go to hell and eventualy the new Hell (the fiery lake) Dont fall for the New world leader he is not God but the Anti-christ! dont take his mark (666 or 616) I will also give u

If u give me per 1

Grn star- u get 1000 back(gold stars

Red star- u get 7500 back

Blue star- u get 10000 back

Purple star- u get 1000 stars per day for a yr. thnks and fans get stars 2 randomly! Enjoy my flips!