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Im MistSoul (My real name is Amanda I love drawing wolves so much I have my own series it used to be callled (Trapped),but now I changed it I have a rabbit "lucy "so im doing a series about rabbits Its very thrilling!I hope I can be on hatena for a long time,I also hate false reporters they are so rude to people its not funny.Hope i can get popular and stay on hatena for a long time,My birthday is September 1.My series (SPIRTS) will be on for a while unless i quit. My flipnote friends are (Kristina A.k.a Jeju she is my best friend in real life and on the computer!!) And there is (super jeju my Other best friend) (Amber) (Darkflash)(Cancer wolf) (Sunheart)(Sappire) An so much more comment if i forgot your name!My O.C are

Misty the wolf

Shai the wolf

Crystal claw the cat

Dragon fang the demon cat

And thats it!!

Hope you enjoy my flipnotes!!!!!!!------------MistSoul