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well hello so about me.....

my name is Chairish(ik weird name right some people say its unique but i wont go into tht story yet lol)

age:15 will be 16 in october 2nd yay^^

about me:ima really nice person always a hppy person love talking and being around many people once you get to know me you will see what ima talking bout lol

favorites: red and black love cookies lol i cant help they call my name music i listen to rock dubstep hip hop anything but classic and country

flipnotes: i was making music flips but i really can not do tht with my dsi missing* but dont worry once i find it ill be back to the music flipnotes.

note:if you may have wonder(n yes i mean you people who try to contact me but i wouldnt respond)i cant really find my dsi well actually my mom lost it so im really not here often no more so for those people who thought i was ignoring you im not trust me i would never ignore my buddies^^