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Hello everybody! My real name is Nikki, but here I'm Pup or Darkpup. I've got an awesome family with 2 cats and a dog. I own, MYSELF, a betta named Bubby or Bubbles. I'm turning 11 and my birthday is July 19th. I live in Carmel, IN in USA. I was originally born in China, but I got adopted when I was 13 months old. I go to a great school and have many good friends. I would like to be popular and get color stars. more fans make me happy and I can use 5 blue. But only the top 5 will get one until I get more. So do things to make me happy if you want one. Examples:

Get over 10 people to add me including you

Add lots of color stars

Enter 5 of my latest contests

Help my flips get in the "All Flipnotes" section

Download my Dsi games

You can't earn your blue if you dont tell me NICELY in the comments. DONT FORGET! Thanks!