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Hi. im Dylan. I use to be Dude7225 but had to get a new dsi which ruined my page. This was my old account (Be prepared the flipnotes suuck they were made over a year ago)


I quit a while ago but decided to join back. Thats when i changed my name because it was less of Dude7225 coming back to hatena as it was me starting over as a new creator.

I mostly just convert 3D flipnotes now. I also still do animations and if anything good comes to mind, i may make more standup comedy flipnotes.

(Yeah, that old standup comedy flipnote was mine. im not happy to really say this as im pretty much just embarrassed of that flipnote now.)

Im posting all my flipnotes on a youtube channel. mostly for 3D flipnote purposes because youtube adds extra ways to view it in 3D. Such as using 3D glasses, full screen, etc.

Heres the youtube if you wanna see it:

ir just search the username "nathan7225"

Ive been able to convert flipnotes into 3D a lot faster then i use to be. So ill be able to convert a lot more flipnotes. Im happy to take requests just send me a message on my youtube account (shown above) or comment on one of my flipnotes with a link to the flipnote you want me to convert. (i may not get the comment but ill definitely see it if you send it in a youtube message.

Ive been a member of hatena since the date January 29th 2010. A little under half a year after it came out.



  • 500,000 stars (Achieved on previous account)
  • 1,000,000 stars (Achieved)
  • get a purple star (Achieved on previous account)
  • 3,000 fans (Achieved)
  • 5,000 fans (Achieved)
  • 10,000 fans
  • Place 1# on creator ranking (Achieved)
  • Get a flipnote on the monthly ranking list (Achieved)






Frequently asked Q/A:

Q: How do you make 3D?

A: I made a flipnote titled "How to make 3D". Heres a link.



Q: The 3D doesnt work.

A: Thats not a question. But yah it does. Read all the comments on the 3D flipnote saying how it does work. Now why would they all be saying it works if it really doesnt?

Q: Fave me?

A: Seriously this is frequently asked questions who the hell would ask me that eDe

Q: you just said a bad word.

A: Thats not a question.

Q: Why is the pictures on your 3d flipnotes reversed? Things that should be poping out are poping in instead.

A: I honestly dont know why this happens. Cant really help it. Its only like that for some people. My guess is how far apart your eyes are from eachother. Try watching the same 3D video on youtube and clicking the "Switch (right-left)" button. Itll switch the two pictures and fix it.`


Personal Info:

For people that are stalkers like that and want to know,

Hight - 5'5

weight - 106 lb

hair color - dark brown

eyes - dark green

Gender - either a boy or a girl.

Name: Nathan Lee

about me: in my free time i enjoy skateboarding, making videos for youtube, acting, and other things of the sort and different things not of the sort.

About you: a stalker that has no idea why youre reading all of this. seriously. get a life er something. stop stalking my profile.