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im FINALY almost to 30 fans!!! stuff im working on.

mv(gym class heroes) 45% done.

mv(mine turtle) 10% done! (this ones gonna rock!)

weekly friday 100 page flips! im gonna probably do some on the weekly topics as well as other stuff.

THANK YOU GUYS FOR MAKING ME GET TO 2WHOLE YEARS!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE HATENA!!!! i just wish i had more time and modivation...



after a long tiring battle with bordom, out of the ground came one of the best creators in all of hatena!!!

dad, isnt that a bit egsadurated?...

...yes son, yes it is...

idk, im bored and decided to update this. im still flipnotin since 2009!!! (first posted in 2010)im so glad i joined hatena, best decision i've ever made!!! (that, and playing an instrument)

if anyone gives me a shout out i will give them 500 stars a fave and use their o.c in an mv.