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Heyyyy, welcome to my page ladies/gentlemen. I don't post here too often but its a working process. I joined Hatena a while ago hoping to make new friends and welp, I seemed to of accomplished that. Popularity isn't everything y'know.

Yes, I have a Deviantart and you can find me there as Painttail. I also am available on skype as funnybanana6. Funny name right? Ha yeah I know you're just cracking up right now. Okay well time to get back to work cause like I have said before, time is practice and eating!

Flipnotes I'm working on:

Falling from you- 0.5 %


PaintTail: My main character she's the daughter of Ghostflame and the neice of Blackeyes/Blu.

Ghostflame: A short tempered jerk. He's the father of Painttail and the brother of Blackeyes.

Blackeyes/Blu: A quiet and shy cat. Hes the brother of Ghostflame and uncle of Painttail