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lolz okie i think tha one thing you REALLY need to know about me is that im a gorillazfreak. im OBSESSED with gorillaz. theyre like... PERFECTT!!! everyday of my life has something to do with gorillaz. no joke. music from them is like..... worth half my life <333 also, im a DAMONALBARNfreak. who is this "Damon Albarn" you ask? well, the lead singer of gorillaz, of course!! (look up his pics on google images:D) luv him. lulz. but not only am i a gorilazfreak and DAMONALBARNfreak, but im also a blurfreak. lol blur is damon albarns old band. yeah, i know, sound crazy, huh? if you think thats crazy, then listen to this!! im a TOTAL 2D(look him up on google images) follower!!!!! so i... heh..... dyed my hair blue:D Music: blur and gorillaz<3 love em!! Music genre: indie rock, rock, that UK stuff;) Hawtness:101 percent!! Fav singer:DAMON ALBARN! other fav singers:Graham Coxon, Daley, ALL gorillaz ft. singers fav rappers:Del Funkee ,EMINEM,bashy&kano(from white flag)ALL gorillaz ft.rappers Fav male singer:Damon albarn<3 fav female singer:singer from evasence fav color:bluuu!! Hair color: dark blue!(no,really) Draw or animate: mehh... Draw Chat:Extremist Accent: lol british+southern Sing?: lead singer,vocals, AND backup!!!! Instruments?:drums, keyboard, piano passion:music ^^^copy, paste, and fill out for your profile! i made it!) love or no love? truth is, idk, but i think it hurts either way. GUESS WHAT!!! what? oh, nuthin. just wanted to say guess what:D up on melancholy hill <3 ello. Im Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz!