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Hey everyone,

My name is Junky and I'm 13 years old. I live in Riverside, California and my birthday is on July 4th. I've been an artist ever since my grandpa taught me how to draw, which was about.... a long time ago!

This is the only place where I can express myself and show my art work. I've always wanted to be an animator ever since I was in 5th grade and now that I'm about to be in middle school, new challenges will occur. I play Basketball, Ukulele (not sure how to spell it) and Keyboard! I play songs like Viva-la-Vida, Axel-f, and many more! I also know how to play a few songs on my Ukulele (again not sure!).

When I first entered Hatena, I didn't know what to expect! A long time ago I posted my very first Flipnote, and I thought I did pretty well, but didn't get much stars or comments! Now I know how to get them. You need to post your Flipnote in more than 1 or 2 places, you need to post them all around, so they relate to what your Flipnote is about. Then people can see them on different channels! Now that I see my drawings, I've noticed a big change in my artwork! It's gotten better! Thanks to Hatena I've drawn all of this in 1 year!

I do tend to mess up words or misspell them, so if you notice them in here or in my flipnotes.....WOOPS!

I lock my flipnotes because people often take my stuff and they don't change a thing. All they do is make a spinoff or make a repost! If I make a spin off I like to give credit to the original creator. I'm all about giving credit to people! So if you make a spinoff with one of my flipnotes and don't give credit!I wouldn't do it if I were you!

I honor Gizmo, Dry Bones, BOSS, Pablo, GameJunk, NameNom, will4zoo and many others that I faved to. That's why I sponsor them in my flipnotes. I do get comments saying I'm a "Gizzmoid" but that's not it at all! I just tend to draw the same style as him!

My upcoming flipnotes:

Long Lost Flip #1, Lost Long Flip #2, Long Lost Flip #3

I base most of my flipnotes on my life! Sometimes they pop out of nowhere, and sometimes they come out of my friend's mouth that makes me laugh and think, "I should make a Flipnote on that!" Long story short, my flipnotes come from my life. Sometimes you can tell it is completely random and you know it can't happen, but it's mostly based on my life or something funny pops into my head!

I will be updating this so please, do check once in a while! I might change something’s!

Thank you all for the STARS and COMMENTS. It encourages me to keep on going. I can't thank you guys enough. Well...... Enjoy! :3

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