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Kon'nichiwa! I'm trying to learn Japanese by listening to Vocaloid music...cuz I'm that awesome(more like bored). Love the Linkin Park songs that don't swear(ie. In The End, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, What I've Done) I'm so bored right now that I'm actually taking the time to use correct grammar...wowza...gonna stop now ok? ok. i love drawing hetalia characters and listening to the audio people post on here but not allowed to actually watch or read it because of language...i put a lot here...i wish i could be noticed but i have nothing noteworthy to drawings on here look better on paper than as pixels...America's my fave hetalia character...if Epic posts a comment on one of my flips, i promise you i will scream my head off from happiness. Because epic and guitar are awesome. You can'

t deny it....this is a long youre still here? look me up on Quotev: logan the extremely awsum

you stayed longer than i did...bye

PS: look up XepherAnt on here cuz he's awesome, too! he changed his name but i dont have a star symbol on here so i'll just use this instead:※ his name now is: XA※/MIR-12 no spaces instead of that weird thing its an awesome star...okay now bye....FOR REALZIES THIS TIME!