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Hi! Uh... Idrk what this is yet, but yeah. XD

Username: Kagome

Age: I shall never tell. t dB< t

Gender: Uh... This isn't really necessary...

Main O.cs:

Name: Kirami

Age: N/A

Bio: Kirami is Owen's younger sister, but she doesn't remember. She has something like split personality. Her other personalities are: Charon, Rengoku, and Miraka. She's like Rengoku and Charon. She has Rengoku's personality towards her friends, but she has Charon's personality, which is kind of cold and quiet, toward strangers. Rengoku's personality, which is happy-go-lucky and naive, toward her friends. But sometimes, her not so happy personality shows. Miraka is her evil side.

Name: Rengoku

Age: N/A

Bio: Rengoku is a happy-go-lucky guy, and is the exact opposite of Charon. His evil side, Miraka, comes up some times.

Name: Charon


Bio: Charon is sometimes cold and sarcastic, but he can be friendly. His evil side shows more often than Rengoku.

Name: Miraka

Age: N/A

Bio: Evil. Just plain evil, hatred, and revenge kept up in a body. She only exists because of Rengoku, Charon, and Kirami's Evil feelings. She comes up in Kirami more than the rest.

Name: U.N. Owen

Age: N/A

Bio: Unknown. dBBB

So yup... So you'll be seeing these characters along with: Haruki, Fumi, Harumi, Motomaru, Lumi, Atsu, and Synthesis is most flips. And some other ones... That I can't remember at the moment. XD