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Im as hyper as anything ALL the time im a Dr.Pepper fanatic(LOL)!!!!!!!!!!!! I get angry very easily im random as u can tell wi my RANDOM drawings series and my Random time flip 4 my best friend 4 evs and a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can be very very mean yet very helpful im awsome @ finding things (wierdly enough i have a heart cause of how mean i am) Talking of mean i gid sum1 a black eye got bloomin iso 4 it and i also (in primary) pushed some1 off the bench she fell backwards and Kinda (well did) break her neck she was screaming da school down!!!!!!!!!! Wen i looked @ her her head was kinda tilted (oooops) Wunt mind but we used to be best friends until a big fight we had dunno why and then wen we moved 2 high school found molly!!!!!!!!!! God i talk allot 2 sorry 4 wasting ur time talking about myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(LOL)