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Wow, the last time I had edited this was back on.... wait a sec! I had never edited this!

So I'm gonna do so 'cause I' m really bored....


Welcome to my creator's room!

As my name says, I'm a big, big, big, BIG WWEfan. My fave wrestler is Rey Misterio^^

He's pure awesomeness! :D

My fave type of music is Rock! My fave artits are 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence, Nickleback, Bon Jovi, Usher,Cash Cash, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Green Day, Guns n Roses, and Skillet.

XD My fave food is tacos!

Que les puedo decir hmm? Los tacos son lo mejor!!!!!!

As you can see I speak spanish^^

I'm from Mexico! Yay!

Ay Ay Ay Ay!!!!

Viva Mexico! ;D


I like videogames a LOT :) I play all kinds of games. Except bloody and scary ones D:

I' only allowed E+ and T rated games, to say the truth

Anyway I really really Love Yoshi from Mario :D

He's so EPIC!


Goals on Hatena:

Make some friends

Improve my drawing skills

Improve on my animation skills

Practice my English (like I said before I speak spanish)

Make more friends

Prove my mom that I can do more than seeing TV all day lol


Lol I would said become a friend of....*insert famous creator name* but the only ppl who inspire me here are my friends, sooo yeah.. I dont really have any favorite creator... just remeber tha all my faves are my friends.


Oh! And you guys should seriously watch Yoshi Legacy from my buddy White Yoshi! Such an epic series!

Here are some of them: ^^

They are:

Just:)Smile (my first and best friend here)

SuperYoshi (my other bff)

Milkyway (mi mejor amigo :D)

Blobs (such an epic animator)

AmberCali (a great sonic artist)

Psychotic (did I spelled it right? lol a simply magnificient artist.... pls she wants to eat me D:)

Bryce ( such a gentle friend:)

Maria ( my crazy befa naca mexicanita and my soul sister here XD)

Isabella (my sweet cyber sister)

White Yoshi (has an epic imagination w/ animation!)

GalaxyStar (my randomish pal :)

~Mary (my big anime fan friend)

Darkyoshi (my puerto rican friend, es genial!)

Cosmica (my other puerto rican buddy, shes like my little sister!)

yoshi_106 (owo such a great, caring and awesome person)

Cygnux~01 ( O-o Sorry, bud, your name is hard to remember, lol)

Sharey (a nice girl with great animation skills)

tamasgirl(my super soul sister from real life! LOVEEE YOU TAMMY!)

Shadamyfan (LOLOLOL my crazy little cousin)

$@K ( my buddy whos collab I havent finidhed D:)

Sonny ( a long time pal)

Kate T.C. ( a freindly girl who I randomly meet :D ...we were once attacked by Dr. Eggmans secret weapon.... since that day we are blind..O_o)

Casper 66 ( a great girl)

Boomer ( my super funny bud)

Jose (Lol he dosent have an account here.... but hes Marias Boyfriend and I met him while chatting w/ her once ;D)

Tag ( a SUPER RANDOM funny girl)

4-W (and old friend)

Casmfire (Tags sister, also very random and funny;)

RoseOak (another old friend)

There's many more :D

I'm sorry if I forgot you =_=



To lazy to keep typing, so I'm gonna end it here :P

Yoshi ROCKS!!!!! >w<