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Hello there

i like cats

and wolves

and dogs (the big nice ones, not the little yappy ones that nip you to death)

and wild cats like tigers and lions and fishing cats


I have been very inactive i am sorry for that

it takes a while to make flipnotes

and sometimes i just forget about them and dont post them.

sometimes i am very extremely glad i do that.

i redo a lot of my flipnotes in newer and more improved better styles.


i have no clue how to record music clearly do i just spinoff of flips with epic music. can anybody tell me how with just a laptop????????????????????????


help me


I NEVER steal. now i make my flips as original as possible. im not saying i have stolen in the past, i just might have kept any words or copied the animations into my style. if you dnt know what i mean then look at some of my older flips and then look at the original ones. you might not want to because those flips are reallly horrible as in the style of drawings.... view them at your own risk :P


I have seriously improved my style. if you dont believe me look at my first flipnotes then look at my most recent ones.

you cant really steal from me because i keep most of my flipnotes locked. i only unlock mv entry flips and i have learned my lesson not to do that...... >=U


thanx for reading