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Hi my name is LeafMaster. Also Rainbowyoshi.

All my friends:

There is no order! XP

Oh and my sister is Fiorella. She is in my favourites.

So ya have fun!!!! XD

Friend Codes:

Pokemon Heartgold 3868 9496 7736

Mario Kart 7 Community 57 8918 6586 4967

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time 4298-7993-5813


Pokemon Vortex Account: LeafMaster1800

DeviantART: LeafMaster1800

About Me

Most Wanted Game: Yoshi Touch and Go (NDS)

Favourite Video Game: Yoshi Island (SNES)

Favourite Video Game Console: Nintendo Gamecube

Favourite Band: The Wanted

Favourite Pokemon: Meganium

Favourite Video Game Character: Yoshi

Where I live: Canada

My Real Name: Isabella

Favourite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Favourite Drink: Chocolate Milk

Favouite Sport: Soccer

Likes: Being with friends

Dislikes: My Little Pony, One Direction

Favourite Colour: Green

Least Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Movie: Bedtime Stories

Grade: 6

Birthday: 2/7

Gender: Female

Favourite Animals: Belugas, Foxes, Sheeps, Dinosaurs, Birds

Favourite Number: 18

I can speak English, Spanish, and learning to speak French at school. I also like mixing words with ish. Seeish? Itish soish funish!

W8! Im the name of a product? oAo

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