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Okay so i fianlly got thoughts and time,to write this.First of all,I love the fans I have!You've made me get soooooooo far.Thank-you.Now that I have made it to 200+ fans,Im sooooooo excited.And a little thing for the new fans,I hope I can please you.And if you un-fave me its okay.If you dont like me you dont like me.Okay and another thing is,I am on DA(deviant Art)so some of you know that from hatena cause it says im on DA,if you dont know you an look at that or you can look at this.


And yes it is Roxie cause at the time that was my name.For some random reason I can't let go of ~Lily~!Anyways,I will be posting a flip soon that tells you important stuff.I'll share it here.My family and I are going to Texas THIS Saturday.So I don't think I'll be able to post.But I can keep in touch on my computer,cause my computer is a laptop!And the song to the MV is.......5 Fingaz t the Face!By:Victorious Cast!Well gtg Bai!