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I'm nuts, and random, hence the name RANDOM! My frienemy Cara takes part in my flips sometimes, when she comes to my house we will post a interesting (lol) MV I love animals and having fun, no one can make me change me.

Friend shout-outs

Mike:My first Hatena friend.You are awesome,keep improving your drawings Love ya as a friend

Domo:My ex BF's mom love ya as a friend

Alesia:I can't thank you enough for being there for me during my HORRIBLE break up with Roberto I just wish I was there for you in return when you and Mike broke up Love ya as a friend

Steph: Both broken by the same guy :/ Anyway your are SO awesome!BFF!Love you as BFF

Ryane:PUPPY SNOT.I was looking through old comments and found one of Jakin saying you were harassing him you two turned out friends.BFF! Love you as a BFF

Cara: My dear school frienemy. You're such an idiot :). I can picture you reading this saying "Thanks so much." In that sarcastic voice of yours :) I don't love you, I hate/love you as a frienemy (lol, wut?)


I ha.te it when people change there names so many frea.ken times... (Talkin to you, Ryane!)

I also ha.te when people's screen names are their O.Cs (>:( October Fox) And you said my name was stup!d at least its orignal and not my O.Cs name.


The Best Songs (because I said so dB<)

1) You Can't Win by Kelly Clarkson

2) Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse

3) Broken by Lifehouse

4) Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

5) It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down

6) Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

7) Someday by Sugar Ray

8) Someday by Nickelback

9) Someday by Rob Thomas

10) This Afternoon by Nickelback

11) Far Away by Nickelback

12) How You Remind by Nickelback

13) Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback

14) Photograph by Nickelback

15) Never Again By Kelly Clarkson

16) Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson

17) Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

18) Stronger (What Doesn't K!ll You) by Kelly Clarkson

19) Don't Waste Your Time by kelly Clarkson

20) I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson

21) Cry by Kelly Clarkson

22) Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

23) Gone by Kelly Clarkson

24) Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

25) My Life Would Without You by Kelly Clarkson

MANY OTHER SONGS I CAN'T TYPE BECAUSE MY HAND HURTS dB BTW These aren't in any order, just typed em as I though of em

Fave Singers (these are in order)

1) Kelly Clarkson

2) Daughtry ( I meant to put down some of their songs D:)

3) Nickelback

4) Lifehouse

5) Maroon 5 (Dangit didn't get their songs on the list either D:)

I know its a very long list but I recommend you listen to dem ALL!

Add me on Club Penguin: Amy2325 and Amy2325 2


Here are a few more songs:

1) Over You by Daughtry

2) It's Not Over by Daughtry (.)

3) Life After You by Daughtry (.)

4) Home by Daughtry

5) No Surprise by Daughtry (.)

7) What About Now by Daughtry

8) Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry

9) If You Only Knew by Shinedown (.)

10) Sound of Madness by Shinedown (.)

11) Second Chance by Shinedown (.)

12) 45 by Shinedown (.)

13) Forver and (Almost) Always by Kate Voegele

14) You Can't Break A Broken Heart by Kate Voegele

15) Haunted by Kelly Clarkson (.)

The ones with '(.)' are very highly recomended and if my DSi was broken then I'd make an MV out of them


Just created my own channel! >:3 link please o3o


Hello freaks, psychos, and stalkers who are still reading this. Have a nice day, hope you find your sanity soon (x'D)


You can screa.m, call me a fre.ak and ignore me, but that changes nothing about me...


Thiefshipping is too epic <3



How epic is that???

Sadly, though, no tornshipping :C. But I did find plenty of both on tumblr and deviantart dB

Thiefshipping fans read the center comic-- guaranteed laugh or your time back (not really but oh well)

thanks baii


I'm bored so here I am!