hey random person looking at my profile its Blackninja (real name Riley) and I guess i'm going to be telling u a little about my self. (all the stalkers are saying ya right now) well first i should tell u is i love making flipnotes and making people laugh (duh u already knew that) and i love playing sports (football, baseball, track) so that takes allot of my time so that takes allot of time out of flipnote making right now your saying well just make a bunch of flipnotes during the off season my answer i do make flipnotes faster but i still have to stay in shape and lift weights so ya.i also like to hunt and fish and play video games. well i'm done for now you will some of my goals and contact info below and the goals with a x before it means i completed it well bye.

x10,000 stars

x15,000 stars

X25,000 stars

50,000 stars

100,000 stars

x1 color star

x5 color stars

10 color stars

25 color stars

x25 fans

X50 fans

100 fans

200 fans

500 fans

if u want to send me an email just to talk or if you want to ask me something send me an email send it to