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Hi people! Im Roxxie aka Diasuke. Don't ask me what the name means I have NO clue I just typed in chinese girl names on google and I happened to like the way this one sounds! Wait I have a ttranslater on my computer I can see what it means finally! 1 sec...It means love! YAY! okay nywayz I'm a girl my fav color mauve! heheheh pink and purple mixed me n my friend joke about it a lot! Read my series Skylers Life its a spin off from the game Harvest moon Tree of Tranquility I luvv Harvest Moon!!!Hmmmm lets see I love Peach Girl the Anime thats my all time favv show! I love Jesus He's awsome! My fav artisit are Cadia, Relient K, Britt Nicole, Tenth Avenue North, Krystal Meyers...and anyother christian artist! Im a teenager. If you want to kow anymore about me comment under one of my many flips! thanks for reading

luvv ya! :*