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hello all of the carbon based life forms out there! my name is ruto and i am your tour guide for today. :D okay.. soo my favorite colors WERE yellow and black until the song came out and i thought people would think i just like them because of the song. now it dark purple and white :D awesome! so.. i like ALOT of anime and manga but my faves are hetalia, kuroshitsuji, elfin lied, mamotte shugogetten and me and my brothers. i am currently making an iroha nekomura(AKA the hello kitty vocaloid) cosplay. My favorite songs are lilium, rolling girl, paradichlorobenzen, ike lenka, run devil run, the electromagnetic spectrum song, invisible wall, nyappy in the world 3, melencholic, ura omote lovers, domino topling...etc...etc... O.O; i have too much. im now finishing up doki doki yuri gakuen pv, working on the electromagnetic spectrum song pv, ein zwei tri song thing pv, and memes, and stuff.. y'know.. fillers DX okay bye bye