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Hey! My name is Sam, and my username is samw41599. Some of you may recognize me from other sites like deviantART. Please take the time to check me out there if you haven't already. I usually draw anime and manga. My favorites are Bleach,Naruto Shippuden, Some Vocaloid. I draw pretty bad for my age, which is 13. I hope to take the constructive criticism and praise to improve my artistic ability. Also, I'm a bit of a drama queen, so I tend to overreact to haters.

I often draw characters from anime/manga. I do not claim these characters or the anime as my own, but I do claim the pictures I drew. My own original characters, however, are all mine.

Please don't just copy my flipnotes. I love it when people make spin-offs, but you should at least give me credit and try to add your own touch instead of just reposting it. DO NOT CLAIM MY WORK AS YOUR OWN. Any unchanged or un-credited reposts WILL be reported. I work really hard on all my flips, even if they're spin-offs.

I don't want to sound like a star-beggar, but stars are always appreciated.

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