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I be Dark Link and i LOVE the legend of Zelda and anime :D .... My current fandom(s) are umm.. i am gonna say Pewdiepie's Amnesia (Stephano~ <3) Creepypasta (Jeff~ <3) and Yume Nikki (Masada~ <3). and and i have a DeviantART: RandomTacoLuver~~~

Herp herp... I'm a derp and stuff and I LOOOOOVES me sum TACOZZZZ......dB I am a Spaniard~~ CHURROS ARE DELICIOSO.... I am also part Italian... veee... =w= Lol, i'm a really happy person and stuff and so if ya wanna chat or something just tell meh :3

Feel free to ask me for requests i'll try to get them done immediantly, k? i roleplay so i'll [TRY] to make chatrooms often!

Imma huge ninten-nerd so ya.... :3 Have any questions? ask them on DeviantART or on one of my flips.

Darkie-kun iz out-

(oh yeah lol i have lotsa nicknames n stuff.. i honestly hate being called "Link" since me and him are two totally different people... SO, yoh guys can call me: "Dark", "Darkeh" , "Darkie(-kun)", "Shirley", "Aly" , or mah real name.. "ALYSSA" :DDDDD)