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Sup guys!As you can see I am a stick fighter.I've been animating since the age of 8.I used to beg my mom for some money to go to the store to buy post-it notes to make small stick animations.Then on my 10th birthday I got a dsi and at first I was playing regular games.Then I randomly went to the dsi shop and found flipnote studio.After that,it changed my life!And i've been here for over 2 years!

Awesome People:

Iodine:Dude your animations are so dope!I've just been watching how your flipnotes have been getting better and better.Also the coolest bro ever!And you have the same exact personality as me!(kinda creepy lol)

Firefly:He's a really good animator!No one knows where the heck he I knew him since I started getting popular!Still a good friend!

Nathan G.(quit):He was my main inspiration for pen 3.I say he WAS the master of pen 3.I think I might be rising above him though!But lots of people will never forget that afro

Redmist:MY LIL BRO UNDER MAH WING!Such a good animator!He's such a good guy and loves to crack up so crazy jokes.Also pretty weird!(just like me lol)

Beast:He's awesome.You p.iss him off,he's after you.heheh

Ironninja Out(puff of awesomeness air)lol