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Hey! If you're reading this, then I'm Nacho. I am striving to become one of the best. I am working on my goals.

I used to draw and animate REALLY SLOPPY! But later on I learned to Draw Chibis (sorta) lipsync and overall animate better.My upcoming series, Journey will be based on well, a journey to collect the various items and face overcoming obstacles to save a unknown town from ruin by a mysterious evil force.

I might have 2 seasons for this series.

Anyways, I would like you to support this series. I came here to tell you that I can be a awesome creator.

That's pretty much it

Status: Excited oFTo


Reach 100,000 Stars

Reach 100 Fans

Obtain 1 Blue Star

Obtain CR #100 or lower

Make 10 episodes of Journey

Obtain at least 1000 stars on Journey, and 10 replys/feedback

Get Gold Citzenship

Goals Completed:

Obtain my First star

Get my first fan

Get a Green Star

Get a Red Star

Have a famous creator comment on my flips

Get 10 fans

Get 50,000 Stars

Reach CR #200 or lower

Get Silver Citizenship

Joined for a year

Gain 50 fans

I wanna thank my first fan and friend Shell. She's really awesome. I also wanna thank Misty,Moonlight,Jakeyboy,BlueEyes,Sawsome, Epic Rider, Epicfiz,and Mr.Gamr. If I forgot anyone, sorry