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*UPDATE* my dsi charger broke in half don't ask lol XP uhhh I guess I'll be back asap promise :) also I finished on the whole story to sicon adventures here's da prologue :D :

2000 years ago a evil scientist created a robot (Darktec) with a evil heart the heart belonged to a deceased criminal. The robot caused havoc and almost destroyed the kingdom until another scientist created robo with the heart to ryo the younger brother of Darktec , Darktec and robo were meant to fight each other but neither of them could manage to k!ll the other which caused the both of them to shut down. Years passed both scientists passed away and the war between Darktec and robo became a myth.

Now in the begging of sicon adventures:

Sicon and luke were fighting JR the bully of the village until a explosion happened in a abandoned laboratory sicon Luke and JR go to investigate when they discover Darktec who battles sicon Luke and JR and bears them kidnapping Luke in the process now it's up to sicon to find Luke find out who awakened Darktec and reawaken robo

P that's it really I have the whole story ready and I sketched the characters on my udraw tablet so as soon as I come back I wanna start ASAP
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Matthew angel marrero




I'm immortal :P


May 10 1995


High school student


It's an art school all ya need to know:P

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None ya


Drawing,acting/drama, games, running track, lolling Lolz

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I'm a art major and I'm also a sprint runner in track im also a very skilled teacher :P gotz made skills lol