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So now that I've been on here a bit more than a year I change it. YAY. well really there's not much to say. Thanks to all my freinds. You've all gotten me THIS far. There have been times I've thought of quitting...but then I realized that i have so many friends and that no one would want me to leave. So I didn't quit. Because all the friends I have on here are probally the best friends I'll ever have. Thanks to my fans,too. BUT THERE'S A PROBLEM. I make contests. Do my fans enter? NOPE. Only my friends. I mean,yeah,I appreiciate that people are entering, but it's the same people each time. And my fans never add stars or comment either. SO, if any of my fans comment my flips, add stars, or enter contests, I'll give each and every one of them 100 gold stars. SEE YA, FOOS!





September 24


Reading, drawing, singing, writing


English, little bit of Spanish, and the tiniest bit of Japanese.