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Hiii! I'm Neko Kitty! You can call me "Neko" or "Kitty" or "Neko Kitty". I honestly don't care, as long as I know you~

Well, I love anime. (Ha Ha) Black Butler is my fave. I love to draw, as you can probably see...

I Started drawing in 4th grade. I am currently in 6th grade now. Am I good? Cuz I'm always- ALWAYS improving.

Ummmm.... What else to put? What else to put? Oh I no! ->:

What I am trying to acieve:

100*'s (Did It!!)

500*'s (Did It!!)

1000*s (Did It!!)



20000*'s (Thats Alot...)

Uhhh!! I haven't even reached the 5 digets!! :( sad ): I will soon!!

Im currently working on this flip: "Luau!!" From the Lion King. It's turning out pretty good so far. So when It comes out please look at it!! (it's a spin off... *credit*)

I DO put alot of work into my flip notes. Please look at them~ I know, I know. Some of them stink. I WILL GET BETTER!!!

Thats all I havta say now..... Thx 4 viewing!!