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Hi there! :) As you can see, I like to be RANDOM. So Random is also my favorite show! My best friends are Caitlin=U=, *ICONiac<3 ,and Kirby! I get on Hatena everyday at 10:00 am--1:00 pm Mountain time. Other times may vary. I play Animal Crossing Wild World and Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, my favorite colors are black and blue. I will post my first flip in maybe 2 weeks. So I have to be patient. =_= I've got nothing. :T So yah, be random and ICONiac, and ask lotz 'o questions...(I sound like a teacher, lol) Thanks for reading!

Edit #2 6/28/11


Edit # 3 6/29/11

Yes, I'm back. 。◕‿‿◕。 I love this face!!! Anyway, I would like to join a club, or something because I got kinda bored. Caitie wasn't on, and neither was Kirby or Skyler... I guess I'll play ACWW with someone... IF THEY ASK?!?!