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Hey guys. I'm just your average teenage girl who loves country music, Chevy trucks, and vicious animals. I'm sooooo normal right? My favorite colors are green and orange(and camouflage, if you can count that as a color! XD) My favorite animal is a giraffe. My favorite singers is Jason Aldean, Josh Turner, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Luke Bryan. My favorite bands are Daughtry, Rascal Flatts, The Eli Young Band, and Nickleback. But most of my music is country. My favorite songs are Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean, Time Is Love by Josh Turner, Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner, Renegade by Daughtry, and If You're Reading This by Tim McGraw. My series I'm writing right now is called Independence. I only have one channel, Camo's Country Channel. My friends on here are Lemonade and RaYn, you should check them out, they are awesome friends and artists. All comments and stars you post on my flips are awesome. If you have any request, post them in comments on any of my flips. Thanks for reading this. I hope I didn't bore you to death. XD Sorry if there are random capitalizations(i did NOT spell that right at all!)and incorrect spellings of words. I HATE SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey guys! I've had a Daughtry obession this summer! So lots of Daughtry music is going to be on my flips. Mostly from the newest album Break the Spell, but I'll use some older songs like, It's Not Over, No Suprise, and What About Now. If you don't listen to Daughtry, just listen to a few and you'll be hooked. Trust me. Still country but Daughtry's pretty good too.



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soccer, guitar, drawing, girl scouts


Engilsh and partially Latin