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hi Flipnote Hatena creators! my signature name is Inuyasha may remember my old profile sonic/toon well my XL was stolen so i needed to get a new one so here i am! i hope you can support me once again with your stars and amazing flipnotes i will see. So here's some things about me i like that you might like as listed... *Toon Link* *Sonic* Naruto* *Anime and Manga* *Kirby* *Pokemon* *Mario* *Animal Crossing* Okay so i hope you add me as your friend or favorite if you do i will add you too! don't be shy leave comments and ideas about my flips and enjoy! And if i did not say so before Credit To Originals!!! ^o^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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(n . ^)~look at meh im a bunny!

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