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I love Nintendo, Sonic, Sonic games, and Mario (games, not the character.)

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July 16th update: 1:16 AM:

Hey guys, guess what?!? I'm getting a Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Collector Set (13 issues of the Sonic The Hedgehog comics) by next Wednessday (July 21st)! Okay, 2 Wednessdays from now. Anyway, if this Flipnote gets 20 MORE Green stars, concidering it cost me $20.99 U.S. PLUS Shipping and Handling ($5.90), I'll post the comics, Hand-drawn OR Snapshots, on Hatena! Give me your suggestions! And by the way, if I get ANY OTHER COLOUR STAR(s), eg. Blue, Purple or Red, I'll post the comics without needing the extra 20 Green stars. That's right! 1 Rare star (Red, Blue or Purple) will be enough for me. And please be patient, since there has been a delay for Sonic Archives #0 and Sonic Select #1 I ordered from a comic store a couple weeks ago, so the same MAY happen to my 2006 Collector set. And it will also take some time to reproduce 13 issues, text and image, on my DSi, so please give me some or A LOT of time! And I will also be READING them, by the way. I will NOT be rushed. Just notify me when adding the colour stars. I WILL be keeping track on how many I recieve.

July 16th update: 8:17 PM:

I GOT THE COMICS IN MY MAILBOX TODAY!!! So far I haven't recieved any response to that subject, so I won't start reproducing them on my DSi UNTIL I recieve response or encouragement. In the mean time, I'll be having a BLAST reading them!!!

July 26th update: 10:37 PM:

My dad ordered a Sonic The Hedgehog 2007 Collector Set (14 issues) and I will be getting them in about 3 weeks!!! I'll remake those as soon as I get response from one of my earlier updates, and, of course, after I read them!!!

August 3rd update: 2:58 PM:

I GOT THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2007 COLLECTOR SET MY DAD ORDERED LAST MONDAY!!! I gotta say, that was a REALLY FAST delivery! So, now that I have issues #168-181, there are MORE options for you to choose from which Sonic comics you'd like me to remake. I already had issues #171, 172, 173 and 175, so that means I have 10 more issues added to my collection! I wonder where I'll put the other 4...?

September 27th update: 10:03 PM.

My dad ordered a Sonic The Hedgehog 1998 Collector Set (12 issues)! I thought they would discontinue making collector sets for the older dates, so I decided to buy the oldest one now, then for Christmas I'm going to order the 1999 Collector Set! After those two, I'll only have ONE more set to go until I have them all! I just hope they start making the 2000-2004 sets; they only have sets from the years 1998-1999 and 2005-2009. I'll be getting them in another 8 days or so, like my 2007 Collector Set!!! Be sure to request which Sonic comics you want me to reprint!

December 22nd update: 11:09 AM.

Whoo! I've reached my 100th favourite!!!

Whoever faved me last and reads this by Christmas will get up to 10000 Stars! Just notify me whoever was the last person who faved me in my latest Flip! If you're the person I have on records, you'll get up to 10000 Stars!