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Last updated: April 27, 2012

I am Sorinshuto the Umbreon. I'm also a demented doll and an Irken. I temporarily misplased my DSiXL, so I borrowed someone's DSi (User name: Rebecca (or something)) but I had to give it back, so now I'm using Trent's DSi. He's the epic king of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

OC wrap up:

Sorinshuto: My main protagonist. She started out as a small, yellow boy Eevee. After about a week, he became a she. When I turned 13, she evolved into an Umbreon with Triangles instead of circles and blue stripes instead of yellow. Her name is made up of Sora, Link, Ash, and Naruto. She wears a green shirt and skirt, (Made to resemble Link) is part Heartless, (To resemble Sora) is an Umbreon (Pokemon)(To resemble Ash) and will become a three-tailed Ninetail (Pokemon) when mad (To resemble Naruto).

Sorin Doll: Basiclly a doll form of the old Sorinshuto. She has a cruch on Jabie's (RioluGir) OC, Iggy. She was originally made to be Pocho and Tails Doll's stalker.

Sor: A little Irken, about as tall as Dib. She was sadly separated from her beloved Tallests. On her way to wherever she was going, she stumbled upon Bass (Pronounced Base). Dib took her in and she created I.NNY (Invader Johnny) in his lab.

I.NNY (Invader Johnny): An Irken that Sor made in Dib's lab using Dib and Gar's DNA (So he's technically their smeet XD) and he resembles JtHM (Johnny or NNY for short) He holds a close bond to all SIRs.

Bass: Sor's SIR unit. His desguise is a Lucario.

I.Dib: An Irken version of Dib that Sor made. He, unfortunately d!ed in a lab explosion.

Noy: A Nobody-like Irken that Sor made. He had no eyes and a very big mouth (NOT a figure of speech) He fell down a deep hole and couldn't find his way out, so he eventually d!ed down there.

Hel: A Heartless-like Irken that Sor made. She had big eyes and no mouth. She got lost in the woods and never found her way out. She d!ed of starvation and lack of energy in her PAK.

Whol en Fense (Pronounced Hole in Fence): A water-bending chao. 'Nuff said.

Chatter: A monkey thing that I got from Vash. I haven't used him a lot...

Bloodie: An immortal pegasis unicorn. She can never d!e.

Mesa&Gyro: An irken and her SIR that Rin let me have for Kingdom Zim.

Nyan: A SIR unit that Sor made for Dib.

I think that's it... KK, bai~