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A young artist with a goal to make others laugh and cry.

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A young artist with a goal to make others laugh and cry.

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Hello, friends, fans, and stalkers! Welcome to my profile, where I will bore you with meaningless info! When I first came to flipnote hatena, I had one goal: to express myself through animation. Not long after, I acquired another goal: to help heal hatena. To my fans: I will keep you updated, and many flipnotes are on the way! My Birthday is July 31, so it would be nice if you could give me a gift or something around that time. I am a female human. And that's all you will ever know about me. >:D So... how about a list of characters I use in my art?

Reshi, Prof. Stitch, Silvermoon, Goth, Naara, Pokefreak/Starsong, Rilrus, Fuchsia, and Paradox. Accomplishments I'm proud of:

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Here is a bio of each of my characters:

Pokefreak/Starsong: Pokefreak is a half-wolf-half-dragon hybrid. Her mother was a wolf, and her father was a dragon. When she was very young, a flash forest fire separated her from her parents, and she was orphaned. Pokefreak is my main O.C, as well as my representative character. She is often described by her peers as "hyper" and "random", although she can be serious when she has to be. She is known to have a crush on professor Stitch, and they have been childhood friends. Starsong's abilities include being able to transform into a wolf or dragon on command, controlling ice, and owning an attack form that she can transform into at will. She has several scars that she obtained after a horrific encounter with Vio.lence and Insanity themselves. Pokefreak is 13.

Prof. Stitch:

Professor Stitch is a male human mad scientist that is quite intelligent. He was orphaned at birth, and has a deceased brother named Ryz. Despite having no family, Prof. Stitch is quite positive and happy with his life. He controls electricity. Although he is not a big fan of kids, Pokefreak does not bother him in the slightest, as they were childhood friends. Although they used to be the same age, a Time Flare caused by Paradox shot his age up by eight years, and thus, he never got to experience childhood. He was also attacked and kidnapped by two god, Viol.ence and Insanity themselves. Pokefreak valiantly defended him from the two evil beings, but was defeated, and the two were heartbroken the second they separated. Professor Stitch is 21.


Goth is a false vampire bat who can talk. His species is cannibalistic, so thankfully, he has not met any other bat since joining Prof. Stitch. Goth is pushy and rude. He used to be the king of the false vampire bats until he "mysteriously vanished." In reality, he was captured by Prof. Stitch and was forced to be his test subject. After living with Stitch for so long, he became content with living at Stitch's lab, and Stich's insane personality rubbed off on him. Goth is somewhat vio.lent and swears the most of all of my O.Cs. He has a crush on Silvermoon and can control earth. He is 28 in bat years.


Silvermoon is a kindhearted and loving arctic wolf. She has a small, blue fur mark banded around her muzzle and a vine that wraps around her left leg and gives her power. She is very graceful and poetic. She hardly ever judges anyone, and rarely gets angry. She is forgiving and defensive of friends. Silvermoon belonged to a pack, and is the daughter of the alpha male and alpha female. She left because she wanted to see life outside of the pack, and comes back to visit frequently. As well as this, her father was somewhat ab.usive. She moved in with Prof. Stitch and volunteered to be a test subject. She respects Prof. Stitch as a kind of mentor, and rarely questions his orders. She controls plants, and has a small crush on Goth. She is 29 in wolf years.


Reshi is a genetically engineered Reshiram Pichu. He was born in a research facility, (Completely unrelated to Prof. Stitch's past) and he was brought to life by scientists. He was to perform tests as a lab rat, but he broke out of the lab. He has no parents, as he is artificial life. Reshi is very free-spirited and optimistic. He is boyish and mischievous, and loves pranks. He is technically a Pokemon, as he was fused with the DNA of a Pichu and a Reshiram. He controls electricity, and is 10.


Naara is a guardian angel wolf. She is smart, brave, protective, and caring. She has a good sense of humor, and is very generous. She once stole the Grim reaper's scythe in an attempt to purify it, in which she succeeded, but not without paying the price. The scythe fought back, and cursed her with an unbreakable curse. She would become insane in the face of danger, and at random times. After purification, the scythe was apologetic for cursing her, and made it up to her by becoming her halo, so she could summon it and use it by biting down on the halo and breaking it. She controls air, and is 18 in wolf years.


Rilrus is a catlike dem.on creature. He is not good nor evil. Due to his desire to follow his own wishes, he left the SBSA to become a mer.cenary. Enraged, the SBSA hated him and cursed his name. Rilrus's once good reputation had been destroyed. Questioning his motives constantly, Rilrus went from place to place in search of the answer he so greatly sought, doing the bidding of anyone who could give him the most money. His travels eventually led him to a little bunny-like demon girl named Fuchsia. She was a kind soul, and the two traveled together. One day, a powerful pack of the demonic Emotion Eaters attacked Fuchsia while Rilrus was away. Her emotions were stolen, and she lived life as a puppet. Determined, Rilrus is on a journey to set things right and restore Fuchsia to her once kind state. Rilrus is 18 and wields a chainsaw.


Fuchsia is an 8-year-old rabbit-like pink demon. She was abandoned early on by her parents, and does not know who they were. She lived in StarBound village by herself, although the villagers came to check on her. She was quite popular among the village children as a kind and pretty girl. Rilrus found her one day and offered to take her with him. She and him immediately had a father-daughter connection, and Fuchsia eagerly went alongside him. The two were inseparable until her emotions were eaten by Emotion Eaters. Now she lives life as an empty shell of her former self, without an opinion or a cause.


Paradox is a reptilian creature with horns. He is also blind. His job is to keep time running smoothly. He is good friends with Rilrus, and, like Rilrus, does not have an alignment, and instead will help anyone who asks for it. Unlike Rilrus, he is not lawless and is actually quite civilized. He is shown to have fatherly affection for Fuchsia as well, and after Fuchsia is passed on to him he teaches her how to survive with a missing eye. His age is unknown, although he looks to be about 20 in appearance.

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