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Hey! I'm ♪Swebster♪ and I love hatena!

I fink dat friends on hatena are like tomatoes, if you eat them, you d!e.

Hmmm, whatiz aye lyke? Awell, it's so obvious that I'm...normul. Are you guys jewlous of mai spelling. If not I'll turn you you into a toad, with my awesomeness.

Ok, ok...ok, basicly this writing ting on may profile to tell yew guys bout meh. I personally love brussel sprount, chewy...cruncheh layers of green vegetables. I prefer to call them the farting drUg. Nnnyyeeaah, that hits da spot. Oh right... my goals for me:


10 fans ~

30 fans ~

50 fans ~

75 fans ~

100 fans ~

200 fans ~

500 fans

1000 fans

Baaaii earflingz, has fuuuun!