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My Hatena name is Dragon and my real name is Sophia!

I love manga and I do drawing as a living 0__0 I actually make Animes on my laptop and yhh >w<

My favorite anime is Death Note <3 (Favorite character is either Nate River/N or L Lawliet ) And believe me I can watch all of the episodes over and over again. Yes, I'm addicted <3

I'm hardly on but I'll make the most of the time I have :D

I'm always doing requests so if you want a drawing Then just say and I'll do it :>

Gonna try my best from today on animating but I'm not the best on either drawing or animating (I'm also inpatient) -__-

Soo yh! I'm on and better than ever!

~Dragon <3


Last Updated: 27/06/12