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Oliver(FireFox) was here. My new alias is '3xplos1on' or '3xplos1onTV' on YouTube, Steam, etc., so come find me!

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Oliver(FireFox) was here. My new alias is '3xplos1on' or '3xplos1onTV' on YouTube, Steam, etc., so come find me!

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Updated Jan. 25, 2019.

Holy moly guys, it's been a LONG six years since I've seen my old Hatena account. It's crazy looking back at all the awesome memories I had on this service. If you and I were friends, you can find me on Steam under the name '-3xplos1on', on Discord under the name '3xplos1on#4576', on YouTube (pretty inactive) under the name '3xplos1onTV', or on Twitter under the name @3xplos1on. I'd love to talk to everyone and reminisce about Hatena!

Anyway, I'm going to leave my description box as original as possible to keep nostalgia. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my flipnotes in the past!


Hey guys, its FireFox! Thanks for checking out my page!

Birthday: August 3rd

Dsi color: Black!

Please check out my friends pages...

Blue☆panda- makes Awesome MV'S!

Eva- Really nice friend and good to talk to.

Valerie: My sister

DoodleHero- Completely AWESOME drawer! Makes the BEST series.

Alex- Very funny... started making mario flips like me!

NinjaFox-Awesome real life friend for three years.

Im aiming for #1 in hatena for at least a second, so please make my dream come true and add stars!

.3. LOL Oh, and Im going to start using Youtube for future flips, like Smosh or something, but if you have any ideas, tell me and ill make a flip.

Plus, Im starting a MV series for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so Im accepting song requests! Thanks guys!


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25th Zelda_

As you can see, these are really good creators, and I have NO luck @ catching thier attention. {(unless they read this... then I have a chance cause' they'll see I'm they're greatest fan!) but, probably STILL not happening until i'm popular again.}


Alright, that's the end of the classic introduction! I know there was a lot of cheesy stuff in there, but I had strong emotions for the old hatena community we were all a part of. I might dig out the ol' DSi and look at all the flipnotes I had stored.

That's all from me! I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this, but if you do, come find me!

Peace, everyone!

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August 3rd


Engineering Student

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Karlstadt am. Main, Germany


Video games and cars. I drive a Scion tC and it's my baby. I'm also starting to draw again.




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