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GUESS WHOOO!! hehe, sorry i havent been on.... at all. hehe~** it's just.... i got my animation software and i am ready to go on youtube so i hope you dont miss me too much :'D

. i have a DA well i've had it for 11 months.... but i'll give it to you all. remember its kind of inappropreate. because.... eh it's mine so i'll do what ever with it :D its


ok bye~

hello all my humanoid fans and friends.... have you eaten your bananas today len??? -len nods- good boy.. o3o

so the flips are coming like TP and MVs and PVs and stuffs!!

did you guys know that i love you!! 577 fans and growing ... i should make a flip for that!! =w=; also question for the time being...

nya nya my stats pleassse.

Name* cutepuppy :D

Age* use your imagination ;D

Speacial* i can draw and cook, knit, sew, ... house wife XD

Hates* ppl ignorzing me,jorgee :D, and snakes

love*hmmm sn,pie, puppies, and anime

Updates* for the time being i hate the rain atm... and if ive told you, you know why T/////T

Tallness* 5' 4'' YES I GOT TALLER YAY

Weight* i'd have to be some skinny girl to put my weight.... pfff- i aint skinny or fat so wat da heckers? 130 lbs? heh im heavy in the other areas which makes me so heavy DXX ;w; hurr /shot

Ethnicy* hmmm i know this will shock some of you (especially the person who that i was japanese XD) im 45% african american, 40% cherokee, and 15% irish :D yay for the divers-ness :D LUCK OF THE IRISH LADDIES ;3 XD jk

ok i did this because the scrolling is scukish.

update 11/17/11

hello everyone, it's cutepuppy. :D sorry that my profile is immature. i wrote it when i was younger. ;;v;; but now IMMA WOMAN. *cough*

so yeah, im back. i have face book, tumblr, twitter, and a ton of blog sites. please ask if you want them. BUT you have to be old enough~ since those sites arent as strict as this one im more cruel or pervvy with my humor so there. so yeah






bored :T so more things about me i guess~

1) u-uhm.... my name is michele, ONE "L" get it right dagnabit~ <3

2)i have bad ahsma~ but im not fat nor am i weak, im actually the strongest girl in my school~ i can pick up teachers in hugs XDD it was a fun day~ >v> lol

3)i've been drawing anime for about 1 and a half years now, i got good because i watched A TON. no A METRIC TON of anime (fancy words huh~) and managa~

4) im going to be lagging on here a bit because i have school, which infact has been going quite well, and i have to take tests for COLLEGE gah..... they have the most dumb questions on them GAH! lucky me.

5) i speak french almost ALMOST! IM REALLY CLOSE TO FLUENT oui oui ohonhon~

6) i live in a land locked state in the eastcoast XD lol im such a land lover~ LAND! BV

7) i love dogs, but my name "cutepuppy" was totally at random. yes. yes it truely was~ lol

8)im going to a con soon and we are going to dress up and all that hoohaa

.... eh i cant think anymore pffffff~ oh well TOODLES~ >v>

so has anyone seen my ticket out of the of the hatena bin of failure. because i think i lost it in the mail ;w; XD

Update 3/14/11

well today im thinking about working on some flips, but im rrlly not motivated. and i think i missed someones b-day.... so for you HAPPY BIRTHDAY ITS A BLESSING THAT YOU ARE A LIVE... AND KEEP LIVING!! or else. XD ;w; i might update this later so yeah XD tah tah

Update 3/15/11

yay yay yay i made new fwiends yesterday! XDDD i sound like a lil kid =p=

anywhoo there names are [insert epic face here] bipolaRED ( i prefer calling her red :D), Urami, oni (if she considers me her friend ;w;) and pocky! nyaaaaaa~ i think you guys are rock'n ppl and i'd love to get to know you more! thanks for the opportunity to be friends!!! <3 ohohoho~ im also gonna post this funny flip about me yelling at my new o.c "jeremy" aka: mr. V necks XD

jeremy: and? i just like the V necks gosh! >.>!


HAPPY B-DAY JANEY!! AND HAPPY BELATED B-DAY REV ;w; sry i forgot to make something for it >o

anywho that concludes this update~ <3

udate 3/20/11

well today i ate a sammich, that is all, XD and THAAAAAAANNNNNKKKKKK YYYYOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MMUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHH MY RANK IS AT 30!!! IM LIKE " WAT THE FRENCH TOAST??? IM LIKE SOOOO HAPPY!!!" I SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A FLIP FOR THIS ( PRUSSIA THE KING OF CAPS LOCKS XD) well imma work on some flips since my motavation is sky rocked!!!! thank you so much <333 X3

p.s. the sammich was yummeh....

that is all for this update~

update 3/23/11

well im feeling a lil sad lately, but i'll be fine, soooo imma post some flips and stuff. and i might do a request and some art trades so yeah~

that is all for this update~

update 4/13/11

today i am indeed posting a flip note thing mabobbermajig :D

p.s it's looks really rushed XDDDD anywho enjoy :D <3

have a nice day

so h- hows it going.... XD

im bord sooooo~ imma tell you MORE about my self! :D so you shall beith a cp specialist!!!! (yeah...) XDDD

first of alll~ im a werido so if you your allergic to weridos im sorry... i cant help you with that but its gonna be ok just calm down... let me make you some soup and... NO. XDDD


(silly cakes) XD jk jk anywhooo~

third~ if you just treat me like a person and dont judge me i'll love you forever because i ABSOLUTALLY HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY "OKAY THEN?...." OR "...WEIRD..." OR THE WORST "YOU HAVE PROBLEMS..."


ddjflkdjfkdjfjdkfjldkfjlkdj djk~~~

anyway i will continue later tah tah ~<3 bear is on the loose RUN FO YO LAVVVVVVES~ XD