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Hiya and welcome to my channel! :D

As you can see, i love to draw! My favorite type of drawings are chibis. The pink cat you see in most of my flipnotes is my main character named Melody. I like to make my own characters and really want to make my own series. x3 My goal is to make my own animated series on t.v when i get older.

I love to play video games! :3 My main favorite videogame characters are Sonic, Mario, and kirby. If anyone want to play Super Smash Bros Brawl with me dont be afraid to ask! i never back down from a ssbb challenge! >:)

Anime is another one of my favorites! My favorite anime of ALL time is Detective Conan. He's soooooo cute! X3 I love him! I also like Jewel Pet, and Happy Happy Clover. (if you havent noticed i love things that are cute)

Makeing friends is what i love most about flipnote hatena. if you want to be my friend just ask :) -but not just plain like this "wanna be friends?"- dont ask if you just want more stars or fans either-

I hope you enjoy my flipnotes :) Right now im trying to learn how to draw Mario -and other mario charaters- and conan.