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My main o.c name is zeno the hedgehog to tell u much zeno is suppose the be king of the sky kingdom but untill he can control his dark side fully he can't become king


mission:to save the world from evil


other o.cs

dante the hedgehog

shizuo the hedgehog

izaya the hedgehog

satos the hedgehog

kayla the hedgehog

elenare the hedgehog

jin the demonhog

ichigo the moutainwolf

lars the wolf

ashley the snowwolf

void the fox

metal flame

zander the hedgehog

flo the robohog

tiya the dog

sarina the seedluran

breezie the honeybadger

deon and sophithya TH

phase the demontiger

spade the demonegale

kazuma the snow tiger

dawn the shine jester

loumi the nightpioan

lex the hydrohog

case the BFH

nevo TSWH

oseuru the demon

nelleil/psycha the cat

kensai the edchina

jay the edchina

maze the rose jester

shadow the shadow jester

nightmare the nightmaren

dusk the wizard

kikyo the wolfhog

fake the hedgehog

o 17 the hedgehog

phenoix the sun egale

sand the cat

sargent TH

mamillya the bat

teddy the bear

fourshinsu the ultimate

kyuhey the blue fox