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I won't suffer, be brocken, get tired, or wa-

Wha?! Your here!! Hi sorry 'bout that... But naw your on Toxic's Page!!! Congrats!! You get a peice of pizza! *Nom*

My Hatena Friends:

  • YellowK9
  • Groovewolf
  • GlitchCat
  • NeonWolf
  • LupineLexi
  • XWolfJawX

Oh, wow I thought i had more...

I know I'm missing someone...

Plz tell me if your a friend who's not on the list

I do have a DA account, I'm XxLunarPawxX, I already know Neon, Wolfvid and Groovewolf.

Um... Questions!!:

You: Will I ever become your friend?

Me: Yesh! All you have to do is meet me in a chat or something

You: Will you put me in a collab or series?

Me: Maybe... IDK I have to know you for the first pick otherwise... Sure! Why not!

You: How much motivation do you have?

Me: Like 87%

You: Do you have any more ideas for questions?

Me: NOPE!! :D

You say Justin Beiber- I say Skillet

You say Miley Cyrus- I say Flyleaf

You say Emenem- I say Linkin Park

You say Jonas Brothers- I say Breaking Benjamin

You say Lady Gaga, I say Evanescence

You say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

You say Katy Paerry, I say Redd

You say Justin Beiber (Yes you said JB twice), I say Korn

You say Bruno Mars, I say System of a Down

You say Selena Gomez, I say Gorillaz

You say Lil'Wayne, I say Mindless self Indulgence

92% of teens turned to pop and hip-hop. If you're part of the 8% that still listen to real music, paste this message to your profile.

Ok, my Chars are:



~14 wolf years (moons)





~17 moons



DA: Can't remember

FH:Not anymore

Chatlands: Collections


Wow, am i missing anything? Nupe!!

Yes i meant to say Nupe. -_-

Ok, so yeah, I love making new friends!!!! and my activeness has gonee down to like a 8 or 7 so yeah, i'm most active on weekends. <3 my weekends!!

INPORTANT: If you report me for Toxics mean or bad behavior thats the way she is! I made her a little brat and such, she can be rude at times but otherwise shes really nice, heres her bio:

Toxic was abandon not long after her father died which was when she was 10 moons, so she remembers, she has learned to hate everyone who she does not know, mostly girls, she can not quiet remember that moment for she was half asleep, she barley remembers who abandon her but knew it was a girl so she searches for that wolf hoping to one day kill her, but with males, not so much. Only her mother knew that her father died but Toxic did not know, she woke up one day and he was forever lost. So she searches for him not to kill him but to re-unite her family.

See now? She only knows hate for whoever abandon her, but she does not know who is so thats why she has quite a temper with other wolves, somewhat males, but not all the time.


(The queen wolf of toxic waste)