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gay profile is gay

this whole new song lyrics

This is a whole new song

Don’t try to get me wrong

But everyday I have to say

Hatena makes me look like a ding dong

Don’t care about the fuss

‘cuss its to the moon or bust

And this old sith is not just a myth

But’ll kick ur butt if u fuss

Seeing so many spin-offs

Makes me wanna blow my head off

So u see it sucks to be me

Because a spin-offs has ripped me off

And false reporters suck

Cuss their a bunch of shmucks

And I just hate the lies you create

So im gonna run u over with a truck

Annnnnd star beggers suck too

Those guys r just a piece of poo

I hate u a lot and I hope u rot

Ok I just hate u now im through

So now im done with all I have too say

Sooooooooooo GO AWAY