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Can Balenciaga cool dad's clothes?

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Can Balenciaga cool dad's clothes?

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DEMNA GVASALIA's latest menswear collection for Balenciaga is inspired by businessmen who enjoy the holidays with their children and showcases real families on the runway.

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"I thought it was so beautiful to see a young man with children, it was so hopeful and positive," Gvasalia explained his decision to let dad and the models together. The first family to step into the tree-lined fashion show is located in the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris. It is a perfect blonde foursome-father and three children wearing Gvasalia's iconic hoodie and socks sneakers

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Dad avoided Balenciaga's sportswear aesthetics and retained the typical "dad" appearance. Straight feet, torn jeans, rumpled shirt and loose top suit jacket, this is a father, wearing loose, practical clothing. Could this be Dadcore that Balenciaga took over from Normcore?

Gvasalia's new "Dadcore" continues to wear trench coats, mixed pants, and reminiscent of practical zippered pants (we imagine only avid walkers can wear it) and patterned "party" shirts throughout the exhibition. After all, this is the day when Dad is on vacation.

It is not accidental that Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks and Kingle MacLachlan sitting in the front row watching the appearance of loose casual clothes. Gvasalia told the media that Cooper has a big battle and an awkward attitude and has been on his mood board.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is not all the irony of Cooper and Nineties Dad's clothing. Gvasalia said: “The whole season is full of hope.” This is reflected in children’s T-shirts with slogans, such as “Want to be bigger!” Balenciaga can replace “Dadcore” with a new vision “Daddy cool”. Isn't it "Dadcore"?