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I am Waterpulse.

There isn't much to know about myself. i imploy posting links to my flipnotes in order to obtain views by the GENERAL PUBLIC. if don't want me to there are 3 options block me or delete my comments or tell me not to post on your flipnotes. i lock my new flipnotes so i can get my worth out of them before someone "steals my flipnote"(which means not changing any thing realy about the spin-off they will make). my flipnotes ARE my thoughts put in stick man format. I take full credit for my flipnotes for i don't make a spin-off unchanged(of the 1 spin-off I made). i put my time into these flipnote and it should always show.


1. I have over FAR 31 flipnotes and i am not a flipnote Citizen (that is becuase the it is by days not flipnotes).

2. I spend a avarage of 6 hours to make a flipnote.

3. I have Dial-up internet its avarage speed is 24Kbps (slow even for dial-up)

4. I have lost the "right" to report flipnotes. but i can still delete comments.

5. I like to use music from video games for my flipnotes.

6. I have 1 "strike"(aaron's first warning) against me, at 2 i will be bann for a week, at 3 i lose my acount...

7. i have to go to a friends house to post flipnotes do to my slow internet.

8. I don't think people would read this far down the list.

if i think of more things to say that people won't read i'll post them up hereΦΦΦΦΦΦ