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Im SandStorm :D but you may call me Sandy ewe

Im really boring and junk~ and btw dont mistake me for a freaking dude. >:[=

IMMA GURL. (believe it or not :P) my birthday's on March 4th just like Bowtie dB>

I do requests so ask away~ I ALWAYS read comments EVEN THE RUDE ONES(i hardly get any of those thank Gawd -w-) and im VERY protective of my buddies on Hatena!! >:U

I trust and love them more than my real friends and family XD

some friends i got:









Some Dude



Solar Snivy


and that's all i remember now sorry if i forgot you <XD

I LOVE all my friends characters~ that's all i really draw .-.

and I love dogs i've always have dB and i like to draw cats and foxes but i cant draw humans D:< too hard.


My Original Characters (So Far):

< = Female

> = Male

(stolen from Sweetz (UhMaiGawd) XD)

<Sandstorm: (ferret) me >:D

>Freddy: (dinosaur thing) he's ret@rded and stup!d

>Boss: (cat) he can be rude,nice or caring but mostly scared and stup!d

<Trina: (pig vampire cat thing) he's a crazy b**ch and she's Boss's crazy stalker and she does witch craft

<Faith: (cat) she's nice(sorta) and a secret agent dB<

>Slash: (fox) he's rude and mean but no one's scared of him dB

<Larissa: (cat pig thing) she's Boss's and Trina's daughter she has a disorder D:

>Sir: (cat) he's a mean ol' pi.mp, he doesnt like to be told what to do

>Charles: (cat) he's nice and caring and doesnt mind being told what to do cuz hes willing to help dB

<Iris: (bat) she loves peace,quiet and reading...she has imag!nary friends(bad ones)

>Friday: (human) fun,hyper and loves making friends :D

>Geronimo: (mouse) he's adventurous and curious

>Zeth: (a clone,experiment but he looks like a fox) he's got magic powers dB<

but he uses them for good :D

>Marx: (a clone,experiment,in the shape of a demon) he's got magic powers too but he uses them for evil

<Ginger: (fox) cautious, she's always getting hurt

>Anti: (demon) mean and doesnt give a fluff about anyone but himself,Artise,Ace and Promise

<Promise: (angel) nice, always trying to help others

<Rosalina: (human) she enjoys k!lling and junk :P

<Chaos: (demon) she's annoying and she's a show off

<Tootsie: (dog) she's hyper,she gets p!$$ed off easily,but most of the times she's nice

>Randy: (were wolf) he could be ice but most of the time he's all depressed

<Confucius: (i dunno what she is) she's always starting a fight

>Anthony: (cat) he's nice and he got at.tacked by a dog

>Gizmo: (cat) he's a magician, and he never listen s to what others got to say

>Wilbur: (alien) he's smart and ha.tes it when other people are ret@rded

>Xabier: (alien) he's always lost, and he's stup!d XD

>Zinky: (alien cyborg) he's a show off and he gets p!$$d off quick

<Mimoza: (i dunno yet :P) she's nice and really hard to get p!$$ed off, she can put people to sleep, and they'll receive happy dreams :D

>Frost: (a buck) he k!lls people with his antlers :P

>Spice: (fox) he's always happy

<Jynx: (human) she can transform into anybody she sees

>Schatz: (kangaroo) he's a little show off, and he thinks he's smarter than everybody else

<Josie: (a rabbit) i dunno how to describe her .w.

<Patches: (a fox) she pretends to be nice but she's a k!ller

<Katilina: (human) she gets hurt easily but she's always happy

>Zoom: (ferret) he's speedy quick

>Brine: (dog) he's a smart mouth and always correcting others

>Jacob: (a Mightyena)

ill put more later :P