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Hello, my Hatena name is ウルトラ★/Urutora. I am thirteen years old and I am female. Remember that. Don't worry about whatever I say, I am feeemale. xDD


Okay, so, I'm a lazy child that sits at home all day doing nothing. How's that for awesome~? HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? Normal? Fine. We'll do this your way.

Your socks. They're awesome. HA! A LIE! Chances are you're not wearing socks.

So...Umm....Yeah. I'll shut up now.

AHA! I LIED AGAIN! I'M STILL HERE! How does that make you feeel? Are you mad, bro? Are you angry? OR ARE YOU HAPPEH?



Why are you so happy?!

This is serious!!

How dare you be happy! D<

Yah. Well. I'm actually leaving. I can't type to someone being that happy, OKAAAY?! Good. That's good.