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Hello peoples of Hatena! I'm Zach&Quail! You may also know me as Dark//Claw Ace Dog or SpeedTeam.

My main favourite creators are:

$eth<3, Bass&Quail, Masa, Epic, Leaf, Flip, Dr.Phantom, Slic, CosmicRain, M.Scrib, Noah B,GrassGuy, (My brother) Safebyte, waterboy,ScourgeBoom, Anthony, and Squirt.

Alot right. Flipnote is my favourite thing to do. I get lots of inspration from most my friends on here.

I am ever so happy about 100+ fans that made my day!

Now I will soon make a 20,000+stars flip.

I like Pokemon a lot and my favourite has to be a Zangoose!

Well thats all I can say for now!

See ya!

More flips and mv's comming soon.


I'm now on dA! Check me out!

Name: ZachandQuail