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Hi I'm Amandaa, call me Mac. I'm 16, soon to be 17 [22nd of March ;*]. I draw/sketch things, but mostly pretty girls. I'm a singer. Theatre is my passion. [<33] I hate where I live. And all the fakes and liars that live here. I'm sick of the drama. I love Tim Burton with a passion. I read too much. Tea relaxes me. My friends and family are my LIFE. {Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Equality = Acceptance, Forgiveness, Peace};; And that's my philosophy. I'm Christian. I'm bi-curious. My favorite music is alternative rock, metal, screamo, post-hardcore, and more. I love talking about music. :3 But just because I like rock doesn't mean I don't also have an appreciation for classical, pop, (good) hip-hop, rap, dubstep, and electronic/dance. I have a lot of fears. I believe you should try everything at least once. You'll never succeed if you never try. I wish people would be more honest and not so worried about impressing others.

Comments are delightful. :3 Stars are appreciated, but adds are even MORE awesome. And I favorite people when favorited, so I'd like the same in return.! I don't have a favorite creator.

Idk, I like to have fun and meet people. So please, hit me up! :DD I have Facebook, Stardoll, and Interpals.. but I probably won't give them to you. :b

Kthxbainao. ;* --[Mac]$;;