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not really new but havent been here forever either.

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not really new but havent been here forever either.

Self introduction

I am 13 years old

I'm in 8th grade

I love hard rock music

my favorite bands are:

1. Linkin Park (best. band. ever XD)

2. Disturbed (so sad they're on a really long hiatus D:)

3. Dead by Sunrise (listen to their songs, bet you'll recognize the singer if you've listened to the radi orecently.)

and i like a lot more bands but those are my top 3.

i mainly use hatena for flipnote hatena XD

im half asleep right now lol

Full name

dude. not telling!!! thats so stalkerish!!!


im a girl. just like justin bieber. XD




july 13

Blood type

why on earth is this here? i dont even know!


8th grader, i guess...


not telling.

Place of residence

place of residence, huh? fancy way of saying 'where do you live.' not telling that either.

Place of birth

somewhere in florida. that not where i live now tho...


flipnote hatena, piano, hanging out with my sis and my friends

Special skills

well... i have perfect pitch in music. that means when i hear a note i automatically know the name of it. and when i hear a song, i automatically kno what key it is written in, even major or minor. and im pretty good at singing.


well, i speak mainly english and im taking french so yeah

Favorite Bands

1. Linkin Park

2. Disturbed

3. Dead by Sunrise

4. Halestorm

5. My Chemical Romance

6. Skillet

7. Breaking Benjamin

8. Rise Against

9. Nightwish

10. i forgot what it was lol